Bengaluru: Kanhaiya Lal Suthar is an owner of a truck and bus body unit. He works with heavy machinery. Being the sole earning member of his family, he needs to take care of eight members.   

He used to run out of breath at the smallest exertion, reports Times of India. 

“During consultation, we got to know about his specific requirements of minimal time for recovery in addition to aesthetics. We thus planned a surgery which is minimally invasive,” Dr Anil Jain, a city-based cardiac surgeon and director of EPIC Hospital, was quoted as saying. 

The doctors decided to perform a minimally-invasive surgery. 

The website adds that the method employed by Dr Jain and his team involved an incision of 3cm on Suthar’s right side of the chest along with the insertion of the aortic valve from his groin.

“The conventional method requires opening up of the ribcage which takes up to 12 weeks to heal. It’s not advisable for elderly patients who have relatively weaker bones,” Jain added. 

Doctors also weighed the option of another minimally invasive surgery called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), another less invasive surgery. 

However, they did not find any merit in going for this surgery as it is more expensive. 

Now, after the surgery, Suthar’s heart is showing good improvement. 

Jain adds, “In the Indian situation, it could be a good option for surgeons. It not only reduces the scars of a surgery — a major worry among women — but can also be efficient and economical.”

But it’s to be noted that this surgery is not for all. Jain says, “The use of such a procedure is based on the patient’s history, specific requirements, and the type of the valve”.