Bengaluru: A library in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was started 2 years ago. But what’s so inspirational about it? 

Well, it was started not a single penny being invested. It was started by Shaheen Foundation. At that point in time, old furniture was used. Now two years down the line, there are more than 2000 books. It also houses 10 computers. 

So anyone who is in need of the material can walk into the library and makes use of the books.

During the initial days, an NGO advertised for donation of books and other materials. The donations were made copiously by the public. So now, the library boasts of books that can provide material even on competitive exams. 

Hameed Memon, trustee of Shaheen Foundation, who got a computer donation, said, “I run free classes. This library was started only to help needy students. Higher education books are expensive. It is difficult for many children to buy them. The students sought books from the people around them to make it easy for the students. People also provided some furniture for the library. The 10 computers present here are also donated. Somebody gave the CPU in it, someone gave the monitor. Now students are studying online from these computers,” as quoted by Dainik Bhasker. 

There is a facility for books that can also be taken home when needed. 

Hameed Memon adds, “There are good and expensive books of science, engineering, medical, NEET, LLB. So far, more than 50 children have graduated from here. Two girls coming for regular studies have also become constables. Students who graduate from here and people who come here help for the library. They are now donating books from several authors. Currently, children are not allowed to gather due to Corona. Students can take books home from here.”
What more can we say? It’s a good community initiative!