Bengaluru: At a time when the pandemic has hit the world hard, here’s a thoroughly inspiring and diametrically opposite story.

As many as 139 villages in Rajkot, Gujarat, have not reported even a single case of COVID-19 till October 23, as reported by News18. 


There are a total of 598 villages out of which these many villages were declared ‘corona-free’. 

So what is the secret behind this achievement? 

Well, it is simple. People here follow guidelines meticulously. So they don’t miss out wearing masks, maintain social distancing and don’t venture out unnecessarily. Also, people from outside are not allowed inside. 

The website quoted District Health Officer Dr Mitesh Bhanderi as saying that there has been no migration ever since the pandemic broke out. There has also been a phenomenal increase in the number of tests being conducted.
A living exemplar of grit, determination and sincerity: 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his address to the nation a few days ago, exhorted the citizens to follow the guidelines religiously. 

Till such time the vaccine is developed, preventive measures are the best way to ensure there is no spread of the disease. 
That is why measures like washing of hands frequently, confining oneself to one’s house and not venturing out unnecessarily, wearing of masks the moment one steps out and maintaining social distancing all the time go a long way in ensuring health is maintained.   

People of these villages are a lesson for others in implementing strict guidelines.