Bengaluru: A strong will can help one sail through even the toughest of situations. 

72-year-old Sarita Pant from Ahmedabad, is a living example. 

The woman battled not just cancer, but also covid and emerged victorious, reports Times of India.

“I had heard about the extreme effects of coronavirus but I wasn’t scared at all. During my stay in the hospital I kept chanting God’s name and kept telling myself that I will be back with my family soon. I beat cancer and coronavirus within a year,” the website quotes her as saying. 

She was admitted to the hospital for covid treatment last April and discharged on May 7. 

Pant had been admitted to the hospital earlier as she had suffered cancer.  

“Mom had just recovered from ovarian cancer and her immunity was low due to several rounds of chemotherapy. She had undergone a major surgery in March for ovary and uterus removal, and her cancer had barely cured. But coronavirus brought her back to the hospital. We were scared as her oxygen levels had dipped severely. She, however, didn’t seem perturbed at all,” said Sandip Vaidya, son-in-law of Pant.

Life was certainly not a bed of roses for Pant as she had to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy. 

“She underwent six rounds of chemotherapy but to our surprise, she never complained about any pain. On April 8, doctors said that she had cured from cancer. And just12 days later, she developed Covid symptoms,” her son-in-law added. 

At a time when several people get panic-stricken the moment they are diagnosed with covid or run short of oxygen, here is a stalwart, who despite her advanced age, showed exemplary courage and determination to win over to terrible diseases. 

She is truly a personality worth emulating!