Bengaluru: Karnataka BJP president BS Yeddyurappa was in a fiery mood at the party's office in Bengaluru on Monday (June 24).

The event was the release of a book, highlighting all the ills of the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in the state led by HD Kumaraswamy. Titled “Grama Vastavya, Shunya Sadhane” or roughly translated into English “Village Stay, Zero Accomplishments” the book elucidates as to how Kumaraswamy has misused his office for personal gains.

The book, released by the BJP, has a set of 10 questions to the Karnataka chief minister.

1.     What answers do you have for the deaths of 1,500 farmers who committed suicide while you spent 13 months at the Taj West End hotel?

2.     You promised that you would waive off loans to the tune of Rs 48,000 crore in just 24 hours. But even after 13 months, you have not done it. You are not even issuing loans to the farmers, let alone ‘No-due’ certificate. Should people still believe your lies?

3. Unable to get jobs, villagers are migrating to the cities. And unable to get water, people are facing the ills of drought. At such a juncture, why have resorted to this drama of village stay?

4. Why haven’t you ordered a CBI investigation into the IMA scam? Why have you initiated no action against (MLA) Roshan Baig and (minister) Zameer Ahmed?

5. Government schools badly need refurbishment. Doctors have not been given salaries for four months. A number of teachers have to be employed in order to fill up vacant seats. Why have you not done anything in this regard?

6. What is the kickback that you have received by offering 3,667 acres of land at throwaway prices to Jindal company?

7. At a time when we are living in an age of technology, why have you resorted to “Grama-Drama” (ostentatious village stay)?

8. When will the citizens be relieved of the agony of the fight between the members of your coalition government?

9. At a time when you choose to stay in villages in north Karnataka, tell us about the allocations you have made for north Karnataka? Where you will you bring the money from, to foot the bills of your impractical dreams?

10. You boast of providing a clean governance. But everyday, we get to see your fights with the members of the coalition. When will we be relieved of all these mess?