Bengaluru: From the 23rd slot which India had occupied in the year 2010 to the 15th slot now, India has jumped 8 spots higher in the Global Employability Ranking and Survey 2020.

Moreover, two more Indian universities, namely Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (195) and Amity University (236), have been added in the list of top-250 universities. This takes the tally to six Indian universities in the list with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi rising up to the 27th rank from 149 in 2010, as per Financial Express. 

The survey was conducted by a French consultancy group named Times Higher Education and Emerging. It revealed that the USA retained its top spot in employability rankings. Moreover, countries like South Korea, Germany and China have recorded a sizable improvement though the UK has fallen by two spots in the list.

What is more important to note here is that the study has revealed that students are being recruited outside the UK and US. Asian markets have supposedly benefitted from this and the rank and number of South Korean universities has developed during this time period.

Indicating a change in the nature of employers, the survey showed that 85% of recruiters expect universities to produce fresh-to-work graduates now. In 2010, only around 66% of companies harboured such demands, the website adds.