Meet a 23-year-old young & very talented digital entrepreneur Aditya Kumar aka ‘Adi’ who struggled hard to achieve his dreams and successfully shaped his career according to his passion. 

India is blessed with amazing talents in different fields. The passionate, dedicated creative minds will forever cross your paths in India. Meet Aditya Kumar, a talented youngster who not only has achieved his dream of becoming a poet but also has open doorways to millions of writers and poets through his page “Shayri Ki Diary”.

Early Life

Aditya Kumar is from Bareilly. He was fascinated with the concept of storytelling and poetry at a very young age. He has completed his graduation from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule University, Bareilly. However, he always was keen and passionate about his fascination for storytelling and wants to focus on the same as his career. 

The Journey of Becoming an Entrepreneur 

After completing the education, Aditya focused completely on his passion. In 2016, he started making use of social media platforms to connect with various renowned creators. Unfortunately, being new and not having awareness of digital connecting, Aditya failed in his first attempt. 

Despite the misfortune, Aditya worked hard and did in-depth research on social media practices, challenges, etc. He deeply researched various concepts in poetry pages, concepts of building audiences, traffic, and all that need a page to go viral. 

While researching, Aditya noticed that most of the pages are in English and there is nothing much interesting for the Hindi audiences. So, an amazing and equally exciting idea flashed in his mind of creating a Hindi Poetry page for Hindi loving audience. 

On 12th February 2016, Aditya Kumar created a Hindi Facebook page “Shayri Ki Diary”. Within just 50 days, the page received an overwhelming response and crossed 1 million followers. This gave Adi a golden opportunity to monetize his page and live his passion. 

The family didn’t respond positively thinking that Adi was doing some illegal work and making money out of it. But after understanding the whole concept, the family members felt proud of Aditya that he has selflessly achieved his dream of becoming a storyteller and poet. 

The Rising Graph of “Shayri Ki Diary” 

Shayri Ki Diary very soon created a place in people’s hearts and grabbed the attention of creative audiences. Today it stands strong with over 11 million followers on Facebook and 2.5 Lakh followers on Instagram. This tremendous response gave Adi an opportunity to work with some renowned brands like Mahindra, Asian Paints, Ambuja Cement, Policy Bazaar, Western Union, and many more.

A Platform for Young Poets & Writers

Aditya being ignored by the creators during his initial days created a lot of disappointment to him and so, he doesn’t want the upcoming generation to face such a situation ever. Aditya established “Vibratic Media” through which he will be now seen supporting the upcoming writers and poets. He has decided to give a platform, a golden chance to all the young writers & poets. He will be showcasing their content on his page “Shayri Ki Diary” and help in creating the audiences for them. 

He says, “The newbies in this field are not much aware of the depth of Digital Media. They are absolutely naïve about the challenges and concepts of social media platforms. Providing a platform will certainly encourage writers & Poets to create quality content. Also, they can grow their audiences and can achieve their dreams.”

Adi is also set for some offline events of storytelling in the coming future and planning of launching an OTT platform is on rolls. 

“Hope the best thing happens soon”, says Digital Entrepreneur Aditya Kumar! 

This is promotional content. Views expressed are their own.