Bengaluru: It’s a known fact that Pakistan has been a haven of religious persecution. Minorities like Hindus and Sikhs have been the target of oppression, suppression and humiliation, only because they belong a different religion. 

Gangaram, a Hindu refugee in Majnu-ka-tilla near New Delhi is a happy man because he can live with dignity and happiness. In an exclusive chat with MyNation, he opens up about all the insults being heaped on him. 

Gangaram fled to India in the year 2011 on a religious visa. Like him, 16 other families too have fled the persecuting nation and rushed to India. 
He said, “We had a groceries and cloth shop in Pakistan. But due to extremist Muslims, we had to shut it down. They didn’t allow us to peacefully transact business and get on with our livelihoods. They also resorted to extortion and looted us. We had to face a lot of persecution.”  

“Extremist Muslims used to kidnap our girls” 

Gangaram added that Hindus were unable to protect their girls and women. He said, “Our girls and women were unable to walk around freely. Sometimes ever our boys were kidnapped, but they used to return them in exchange for money. But this was not the case with girls. It was common for them to persecute us religiously. It wasn’t possible for us to lead our lives in a dignified manner. We had no other option but flee Pakistan.” 

 “We will get freedom from insults” 

After fleeing from Pakistan, Gangaram is working for the rehabilitation of persecuted Hindus. He said with the help of many pro-Hindu organisations, he has been able to successfully extricate 6000-7000 families from Pakistan. 

Presently, these families have been distributed in several parts of India like Rajasthan, Indore and Haridwar. Now that Citizenship Amendment Act has come into existence, he feels that persecuted Hindus will get a chance to free themselves of affronts.