Bengaluru: The will to do good to others never goes unrecognised. Seema Dhaka of Delhi police, who has been elevated out of turn as an ASI, will vouch for it. 

Delhi police commissioner SN Srivastava who had announced incentives for such feats, felicitated Dhaka for her achievement. 

As against a mandated 50 in 12 months, Dhaka traced 56 children below the age of 14 in just three months and united them with their families. In all, she has tracked down 76 minors, 20 of them being in the age-group of 14-16, as reported by Times of India. 

Recalling an incident in which a minor had run away from home as his stepfather as he had refused to accept him, she told Times of India thus: “It was my husband’s birthday but the thought that my efforts could lead to a child being found kept me going. Not many trains were running that day. The area was vast with Debra having 134 police stations. We managed to reach the village with the help of the state police after crossing two rivers. The child was finally found. I took him to a hotel, fed him and made him watch TV after which he narrated his ordeal.” 

The incident took place in West Bengal. 

Dhaka joined the Delhi police in 2006. She became a head constable. As a reward for her hard work, she will now have a rank higher than her husband’s. 

“I will be at a higher rank than my husband and my relatives are joking about it,” the website adds her as saying. 

It is worthwhile to note another rescue of hers. 

Says she, “Though children above 14 are not a part of the out-of-turn promotion scheme, a 15-year-old girl who had been kidnapped was rescued from Tigri Dham in Almora. I can’t tell you in words how happy the girl was when we turned up. She had been married forcefully and had two children. She was kept locked in her house and was not even given proper food. I remember when I was taking her back, her younger child kept wetting his clothes. I bought a diaper and gave it to her. She did not know what a diaper was.”

When she re-joined her parents, they indeed were joyous and thankful to Dhaka.