Bengaluru: “What’s in a name? A rose would smell as sweet by any other name,” is a Shakespearean phrase popular even to this day.

Tell Karnataka CM-designate BS Yeddyurappa about it, and he would beg to differ.

By the way, did we write ‘Yeddyurappa’? Oops! Sorry! The man of the moment has changed his spelling from the existing ‘Yeddyurappa’ to ‘Yediyurappa’.

Way back in 2007, an astrologer advised him to change the spelling from ‘Yediyurappa’ to ‘Yeddyurappa’. The reasons was that a double ‘d’ would erase any negativity present with the single ‘d’. but ironically, after he took oath as CM, he did not continue as the JD(S) withdrew support to him.

Again in 2008, the BJP stormed back to power with a majority. But in 2011, he quit the party and formed his own party, but did not quit the spelling ‘Yeddyurappa’.

In the 2018 Assembly polls, ‘Yeddyurappa’ continued to stay on as he was projected to be the CM. Though he became the CM, he fell as quickly as he was elevated.

In fact, in a letter to his chief Amit Shah, he is said to have signed as ‘Yediyurappa’.

Party sources say that the double ‘d’ didn’t help the veteran much. So again, based on another astrologer’s advice he has relapsed into his older name. He was the chief minister with the same spelling of ‘Yeddyurappa’ thrice, but lady luck remained elusive. Now when he swears in as the CM for the fourth time, ‘Yediyurappa’ is touted to bring him good luck.

Now, all the records bearing the name ‘Yeddyurappa’ will be changed to ‘Yediyurappa’.

After the Kumaraswamy-led coalition government fell, the BJP was in a huddle. Its think tank was dilly-dallying on the prospect of approaching the governor to stake claim as it has a patchy majority, but this morning, Amit Shah himself called up Yediyurappa and asked him to form government.