Bengaluru: There is no substitute for hard work. It is through this sheer hard work that one attains success. 

Meet Vikas Upadhyay, from Uttar Pradesh. He used to sell bread to support his parents as a kid. As he grew up, he always had a strong desire to start a business of his own. 

But it was not easy for him. 


While in his school, he bought vegetables and resold them. As he engaged himself in helping his parents financially, his studies also took a backseat. 

At one point in time, he began selling vouchers. As he sold them on roads, he says people did not buy the vouchers as he was very young. However, in a positive turn of events, one day, all his vouchers were sold. 

So he continued to sell vouchers and earn a good commission. The commission was so good that he earned Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 a month. But when his father came to know about it, he was not happy as he wanted the son to concentrate on his studies. 

After this, Vikas enrolled himself in B.Tech classes. But as days went on, the money he had saved was spent. So he joined a computer institute and worked there. In the night time, he used to work as security guard. 

In this manner, he finished his B.Tech degree. He even got a job, but was not satisfied as he wanted to do his own business. 

He yearned to begin a business in the IT sector. So he was looking for website development projects. Fortunately, for him, the owner of the building in which he stayed gave him an offer to develop a website. 

He also gave him space to live. So from the room he lived in, Vikas began to hunt for more customers to grow his business. 

By 2015, he got his company registered. He has employed more than 40 people. He has also opened branches in Canada and earns crores as profits.