New Delhi: After most of the exit poll results on Sunday predicted that the NDA will be coming back to power with a robust majority, opposition parties were left flabbergasted. 

Several visibly shaken opposition leaders started not only blaming the Election Commission but also the exit polls. 

Check out how the opposition leaders cribbed after the exit poll results

Rahul Gandhi


Congress president Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to hit out at the EC. He said, “The EC used to be feared & respected. Not anymore.”

Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said,  ‘I don’t trust Exit Poll gossip. The game plan is to manipulate or replace thousands of EVMs through this gossip…”

Chandrababu Naidu 

Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu also seemed to be sceptical about the exit poll results. “While undoubtedly TDP govt will be formed in AP, we are confident that non-BJP parties will form a non-BJP govt at the center,” he said

Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also tweeted his disagreement with the exit poll results and asked everyone to wait till 23rd for the real results.

Most of the exit polls showed a clear majority for the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance.