Bengaluru: For politicians, it is imperative to have a connect with the grassroots workers. 

No, it isn’t just about elections or votes. By keeping in touch with such workers, they can forge a bonding which remains eternal, which is beyond mere politics. 

In what comes as a move extremely commendable, PM Narendra Modi has sent congratulatory wishes to a man who had extended an invitation to the Prime Minister on his daughter’s wedding. 

The man in question is a rickshaw puller who goes by the name Mangal Kevat. He hails from Varanasi which coincidentally happens to be PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency. 

The rickshaw puller resides in Domri village, which the PM has adopted.

Overjoyed at the PM’s acceptance of the invitation and his blessings to his daughter, Kevat said, "Some of my friends asked me to send an invitation to Modiji so I sent one to Delhi and one to his Varanasi office. I never expected a response but now that we have got his letter, we are overjoyed. I have shown the letter to all guests at my daughter's wedding.” 

Incidentally, Kevat also happens to be a great devotee of the river Ganga. He spends quite some earnings of his in the upkeep of the river and is a regular worshipper of it. 

When the PM visited his constituency, he enrolled Kevat as a party member as well. 

Varanasi has elected and sent PM Modi to the Lok Sabha not once but twice in the year 2014 and 2019. 

The PM has also initiated the Namami Gange project, taken up with the objectives of effective abatement of pollution, conservation and rejuvenation of the river. 

Back to the issue of sending wishes to the family, it is such endeavours which help lessen the gap between the governing and the governed.