Bengaluru: The sheer grit and determination to do something different and confidence that one has in order to taste success sets one apart. 

Meet Gaurav Londhe. He used to work as a pizza delivery boy in Mumbai. Later, the company elevated him to the position of a manager. He used to get paid Rs 32000 a month. 


After his 9 to 6 job, Gaurav used to travel back home. From his office to home, he needed at least 3 hours. And during these 3 hours, he used to feel terribly hungry and felt like someone should come to the vehicle he was travelling in to sell some snacks. 

Just like a crisis can be also be used as an opportunity to find something interesting, Gaurav decided to start a vada pav business. 

When he informed his wife and mother about it, they laughed it off saying, there was no need to quit such a job and start afresh. But Gaurav was determined. 

In spite of the criticisms he received, he started a vada pav business. 

He hired a chef and a few boys to sell his stuff at traffic signals. 

But it was not a hunky-dory idea for Gaurav. Vada pav is very common on the streets of Mumbai. So he had to be very different. 

That is when he decided to get the vada pav packed like a burger. Along with it, he also packed chutney, chilli and a bottle of water. 
For the first five days, his boys distributed the box free of cost. They asked the customers to give feedback in the name of a company ‘traffic’ so that they could improve their business. 

Later on, as his business grew, he began to earn several thousands. Today he employs several boys and pays them Rs 10k as salary. 

It is also interesting to note that he yearns to expand his business and hire more boys. 

What started as a tiny venture will surely branch out into a huge business with thousands of rupees as turnover.