Former French basketball star Momar Sakanoko, one of the most influential and talented personalities has left the basketball fans and other followers astonished when he came up with the decision to retire as a basketball player at a young age. In an interview, Momar revealed that it has always remained his dream to be an entrepreneur, and now that he can’t keep himself much-awaited anymore to accomplish his dream. He finds himself more fit in business than a basketball player. 

The young talented basketball player shifted his career and now is the founder as well as CEO of “Be Great Company”. He is an e-commerce expert and is also training aspiring youngsters around the globe to be successful entrepreneurs. He established “Be Great Company” to provide support to innovative professionals to attain a new height in their careers.
Momar’s “The Power of Belief” gains great public attention 
The recently published work of Momar Sakanoko has grabbed great success and has won the title of Amazon’s best-seller first week of release in which he has disclosed the keys to be a leading entrepreneur. 

In this book, he has explained the major challenges faced by young entrepreneurs and some common psychological sufferings that have become a hurdle in their achievement. He shares with his fans his view that feeling successful is the foundation to be successful in any profession.

Through “The Power of Belief” he has encouraged and energized young aspiring talents with positive vibes emphasizing that people must change their belief system and should start trusting their talent. It is necessary to develop a concept of respecting their philosophy, strategy, and capabilities within.

Further, he adds that youngsters can achieve their dreams by trusting themselves, their abilities, talent, and their philosophy. At times, due to various reasons and challenges people start lacking confidence by doubting their self-efficacy as a result, many people become a critic of their own selves. 
How people respond to the criticism and potential to gain experience creates a difference between anxiety and confidence in their workplaces.