Bengaluru: A temple is a place where thousands go and worship. 

But a temple can also be converted into a place where one can worship the highest manifestation of God – that is human being himself! 

Hindu temples in the country are doing just that! 

Several temples in the country are opening up their precincts to help the covid-affected get the best of treatment. 

Swami Narayan temple in Gujarat 

In Gujarat, an OpIndia report adds that BAPS Swaminarayan Temple of Vadodara has converted its Yagnapurush Sabhagruh to a Covid-19 facility. It is equipped with 500 beds, oxygen facilities like liquid oxygen tanks and piped oxygen lines, ICU beds and ventilators. 

The facility that has been operational since April 13 has so far admitted 45 Covid-19 patients from a nearby hospital for further treatment, the report adds. 

Puri Jagannath temple in Odisha

One of the most famous temples in the country, Puri Jagannath too has offered its services. It has converted its Nilachal Bhakta Nivas into a Covid-19 Care Centre. It has 120 beds. 

The temple has also pledged Rs 1.50 crore towards the CM’s fund. A letter by the temple registration read, “As per the decision of the Managing Committee of Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, an amount of Rs.1,51.00.000/- (One crore fifty-one lakh) is contributed towards Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for COVID-19 from Temple Administration.”

Pawan Dham temle in Mumbai

OpIndia notes that the Pawandham Temple in Mumbai’s Kandivali has once again converted its four-storey building into a Covid-19 quarantine centre equipped with 100 beds. Out of the 100, 50 beds are equipped with an oxygen concentrator unit, oximeters, pulse metre, portable BP apparatus, monitor machine among others. Additionally, more than 50 medical staff including 10 doctors are deployed in the facility.

It is in this way that temples are giving their best to help citizens in the country to help take on the virus.