Bengaluru: For a human being possessed by devotion, no hard ship is hard enough to dissuade them from meeting their chosen deity. 

As a corroboration to this, we have a story in which an elderly woman has taken up an arduous journey in spite of her advanced age. She is truly an inspirational figure! 

A 68-year-old woman from Maharashtra is on her way to Vaishno Devi shrine. 

But you might ask, what is so special in that? 

But we say, yes, it is indeed! 

For her advanced age, this woman is using her bicycle to travel all the way! Mind you! The distance is a whopping 2200 kilometres and to cover that distance on a bicycle is phenomenal! 

Talks volumes of her grit and determination! 

The video of her difficult journey has gone viral, with several people eulogising her for her sheer determination. 


The legend behind Vaishno Devi: 

A legend has it that when the earth was full of wicked demons, goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali decided to combine all their energies. That is when Vaishno Devi took birth, an eight-armed goddess.

With her robust might, she killed demons on earth. But the goddesses pleaded with her to stay back on earth, so that she could continue to rein in terror. 

Legend further has it that she performed intense austerities to get Lord Vishnu as her husband. When the Lord appeared before her as Lord Rama, he informed her that he was already married. But he promised her that he would return in a disguised form, after rescuing Mother Sita. And when he returned incognito, in the form of an old man, Vaishno Devi failed to recognise him. 

However, he promised her that he would marry her when he would return as Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu.