Bengaluru: Those Congress stooges in the garb of historians are so easily identifiable, aren’t they?

They think they are the masters of history and have a patent on every past incident that has happened. And the moment they are questioned, they come out with theories like India is being ruled by a Fascist inter alia.

Talking of historians, don’t we all know of Ramachandra Guha? His loyalties lie with the Gandhi family and goes to any extent to defame, derail and deracinate PM Narendra Modi and the BJP.
Recently, he put out a tweet, saying both Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath are textbook cases of “authoritarian personality”. He also goes to the extent of saying Modi’s methods are slightly less crude compared to Yogi’s.


But then, such comparisons are dime a dozen and they have been appearing very frequently since the days of senior BJP leader LK Advani.

For example, when they compared LK Advani with Atal Bihari Vajpayee, they would say Vajpayee was better of the two. Then, they compared Narendra Modi with LK Advani and said Advani is the better of the two. Now, they compare Narendra Modi with Yogi Adityanath and say Modi is better of the two!

Oh! Come on! It is too predictable!

Interestingly, such prophecies and predictions are an indication and approval of the fact that they see a potential Narendra Modi in Yogi Adityanath and also see a bright future for the saffron-clad monk in the national realm in the future.

Ramachandra Guha and his ilk (you can add Thapar as well) are not historians but  ‘distorians’ who resort to appeasement history-writing, with their only agenda to besmirch Modi with the stratagem and subterfuge of being cloaked as intellectuals who keep the country  in the right direction.

But, with social media emerging and everyone getting an unhindered platform to express themselves, they should know their time is out!