New Delhi: A day after Kunal Kamra took to Twitter to make a video of him heckling and abusing senior journalist Arnab Goswami on a flight to Lucknow, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri on Wednesday (January 29) exposed how the 'stand-up comedian' refused to post his interview because the video exposed the Congress' lies on Rohith Vemula.


Taking to Twitter, Vivek Agnihotri, in a series of tweets, said that Kunal had approached the filmmaker for an interview and was insistent on getting Dr Anand Ranganathan or Rahul Roushan of OpIndia to be featured in the interview as well.

After Vivek agreed and confirmed that Dr Ranganathan would accompany him, the self-proclaimed stand-up comedian said that it might 'dilute' the interview and would be better if it would be only the two of them.


On the day of shooting the interview, Kunal reportedly said that Sanjay Jha, a Congress spokesperson would join the duo in the interview.

Kunal's decision on inviting Jha was shocking to Vivek. He later realised that Kunal and Jha worked as a team and were trying to 'corner' Vivek.

In the interview, Kunal reportedly questioned Vivek on "the most effective fake news". To that, the filmmaker said "Rohith Vemula".


According to the filmmaker, Kunal ended the interview abruptly when he was confronted. Vivek also questioned the duo on whether they had ever visited a village in India and shared a meal in a Dalit house.


Kunal later claimed that the footage of the interview was lost. But it is more likely, in this case, that since Kunal’s and the Congress’ lies on Rohith Vemula were exposed, the interview was unceremoniously scrapped.