Bengaluru: Continuing his verbal tirade against the opposition for spreading lies and confusion over the innocuous Citizenship Amendment Act, PM Narendra Modi said, “Those rejected by people have been left with few weapons, and are spreading confusion and lies”. 

The PM was speaking at a function organised to felicitate JP Nadda, the new president of the BJP. 

Without naming his rivals, Modi also targeted the “echo system” backing them, and said it has always been against the BJP.

Asserting that despite attempts by the Opposition to spread confusion and lies, people’s faith in the BJP and his government have remained “unshaken”, he said that the party returned to power with a bigger mandate in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls despite its rivals fighting with their full strength.

Modi also said that he was sure that the party will scale newer heights during Nadda’s presidency. The Prime Minister also praised Amit Shah for his contribution, describing him as an “outstanding karyakarta (worker)”.

Back to the issue of CAA, protests have been going across the country for the last several months. 

All that the CAA does is to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. What is essentially a one-time offer to integrate the minorities socially and emotionally with India is being seen as a divisive and communal.

The Act enables around 32000 minority members to become citizens of India.

What is worse is how the anti-CAA protests have taken an anti-Hindu stance.

On Sunday, NCP MLA and Maharashtra minister of Housing Jitendra Awhad said that Muslims know the burial places of their ancestors as they bury them, while Hindus don’t know because they cremate them.