Bengaluru: The farmers’ bill which the Parliament passed has a lot of good things for the farmers. It demolishes the hegemony the APMCs had and throws open the markets to farmers, in order to ensure farmers derive maximum benefit. 

But it is alleged that Congress is misleading farmers for its ulterior motives. 

Minister of agriculture and farmer welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar has expressed similar feelings in an interview. 

He said, “Congress and some opposition parties are misleading farmers for personal gains as they themselves couldn't bring such reforms. Previous PM Manmohan Singh and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar wanted to bring reforms, but due to pressure from some people, UPA couldn’t muster the courage.”

On the issue of MSP, he had this to say, “Has MSP ever been part of law? Congress ruled for 50 years, why didn’t they incorporate it in law? They are making an issue out of this as they don't have anything to criticise. MSP has always been Govt of India's administrative decision and it remains so.” 

He further added, “MSP will continue, we have declared MSP for Kharif and Rabi crops. As soon as Kharif crop is harvested, government procurement will begin.”

“Rajya Sabha discussed the farm bills for over 4 hours after which I had to reply but Congress created ruckus undemocratically. They committed a cowardly act with Deputy Chairman and obstructed proceedings. In both Houses, no Opposition member spoke of bills, it was only politics.”

“Firstly, the bills will give price guarantee to farmers at time of sowing. Second, selling agreements will only deal with the produce and there can be no mention of farmland. Farmers can opt out of agreement, traders cannot.”