Chennai: Tamil Nadu’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) arrested 13 people in Trichy after busting a fake passport racket in the state. The illegal operation also helped people to secure counterfeit documents.

According to reports, Kalaiselvi (48) is alleged to be the kingpin. The police have arrested her. During interrogation, Kalaiselvi revealed 12 people's names who were arrested from different parts of the state. The culprits were arrested from Kumbakonam, Pudukottai, Chennai, and Royapuram. Three among the 12 are from Sri Lanka.

The reports further stated that the investigations led the higher authorities to believe that a massive number of Sri Lankan citizens living in India were able to travel to their country using the fake passports.

The fake passport gang reportedly charged Rs 5,000 for customers living in the state, and Rs 50,000 for Sri Lankan citizens.

During the investigation, the culprits revealed that they would approach owners and staff members of cyber cafe and photocopy shops, bribe the workers to get copies of required documents and original passports. After receiving the copies, they would modify the materials to produce a forged passport.

In January, as many as 13 people in Tamil Nadu were arrested for making illegal passports. In 2018, police had busted another illegal passport racket which helped the Sri Lankan citizens to flee the country.