New Delhi: Fill in the form and you will get a solar panel for free or give your details and a brand new laptop will reach you. Sounds good? Actually, too good to be true.

All of a sudden few websites have mushroomed which are either claiming to be part of Government of India or its 'Make in India' project that will be dishing out these freebies on being "happy at Narendra Modi being re-elected".  But all of them are fake.

Free solar panel that isn't

For instance, is a link that straightaway takes you to a page that has Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photo on top with a solar panel on his back. "Pradhanmantri Free Solar Panel Yojna" is written along with it. Just below that, it reads, "By the order of the Government of India".

It claims the solar panels are being given under "Ghar Ghar Roshan" scheme of the Modi Sarkar. All you have to do is add your names, mobile number, state name, and the village and you will be registered. But this is nothing but a way to con people and defame the government, insist government sources.

Free laptops to 2 crore youths that aren't

There's another link that claims to distribute free laptops. It has a photo of an open laptop and Modi on its screen. On bigger fonts it's stated, "Pradhanmantri muft laptop vitaran Yojana 2019". Below this, on a slightly lower font, it claims to extend this facility to two crore youths of the country. It also has a 'Make in India' lion logo that adds to the believability of the claims. It too has similar four sections that need to be filled just like for free solar panels. It also has a timer that says a few hours left for the 'offer'. 

It's action time

Highly placed sources say the government is not only aware of these fraudsters but has already initiated action against them. A case has already been registered on May 30th with FIR No. 73/19. The FIR has been lodged under section 66D of the IT Act. 

A government source has revealed that during investigation, the accused who had created one of the websites was identified on the basis of technical investigation and his location was zeroed in to Rajasthan. To be more precise, he was located at the VPO Pundlota, Degana in Nagaur district. A team of investigators reached Pundlota and already apprehended the accused who is identified as Rakesh Jangid. He hails from the same area.

The government source further revealed, the investigation into the matter left the probe agencies startled as they discovered he is an IIT (Kanpur) post-graduate of 2019 batch and has created the website along with his cousin brother to earn web advertising revenue from increased website traffic.

Meanwhile, all relevant devices of the duo have been seized. Even as the story was being filed, another such fraud website has vanished.

While investigations are still in the preliminary stage and the versions of the accused are being checked, the government isn't rubbishing the possibility of a bigger game at play to put the government in an uncomfortable situation.