Bengaluru: In a classic case of communal harmony, a Muslim gentleman - HMG Basha – has donated 1650 square feet of his land for the construction of Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy temple in Hosakote, Karnataka.  

The state government had ordered that the temple make way for the expansion of a national highway. 

It was then that the temple authorities requested him if could part ways with a portion of his land. 


Basha immediately agreed. In fact, Sri Veeranjaneyaswami Temple Trust chairman, MD Byregowda Mylapura, hailed Basha's act as a classic example of communal harmony. As quoted by IANS, he said, "We actually needed only a 'gunta' of land (about 1,089 sq feet) but he was generous enough to donate us 1.5 gunta citing that the additional space would help devotees move around the temple more freely."

Basha had this to say about giving his land. He said, "Almighty has blessed us and when villagers sought land for such good cause, I did not want to say no to them. And their demand too wasn't big, hence, my family members happily and readily donated land to them."

It is such endeavours that instil confidence in the Indian public. 

"Whenever I used to pass through, I observed many of devotees who also happen to be my friends, used to struggle as the temple was very small and when the Temple trust decided to move the existing structure, they asked me to part with a gunta of plot, but I decided to offer them 1.5 gunta," he further added. 

It is further heartening to note that Basha is ready to fund the construction as well. He said, "Basha's generosity does not end at just giving land freely to us he has also assured that he would contribute for construction of temple as well, besides assuring another half gunta of land if the temple requires once the construction as over."