Bengaluru: Congress continues to expose itself. First it was former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi who bared his negligence and ignorance over soldiers carrying weapons at the border. 

After that, another Congress leader Dalwai parroted the statement and sought the presence of RSS at the borders. 

Now, in the latest, and in a clinching evidence of Congress’s anti-India stance, Congress leader Zakir Hussain has been arrested in Kargil, Ladakh. 

He was caught having a conversation with a friend in which he is heard making controversial remarks pertaining to the India-China faceoff, which went viral on social media.


Times Now has shared this video. The Congress councillor is heard speaking about the Galwan Valley in which India lost 20 soldiers. 

It is stated that in the audio, he is openly heard lauding the Chinese forces and berating the Indian Army. He glorifies the Chinese Army saying that China would break Ladakh into 1000 pieces.


The attitude of the Congress councillor has put the Congress in a spot of bother as he hopes that China will take away more than half of Ladakh. 

As usual, the Congress party, which boasts of secularism as one of its principles, has distanced itself from the councillor, saying it’s a private talk. 

It is important to note that when Rahul Gandhi questioned as to why the soldiers had not carried any weapons, none other than EAM S Jaishankar gave him a befittingly reply thus: 

He said, “Let us get the facts straight. All troops on border duty always carry arms, especially when leaving post. Those at Galwan on 15 June did so. Long-standing practice (as per 1996 & 2005 agreements) not to use firearms during faceoffs.” 

It is shocking, shameful and sad that Congress, which brags and boasts of taking part in the freedom struggle, advocates the secession of Ladakh UT.