Bengaluru: A high-paying job. A secured future. But renouncing it for a societal cause. That’s how Vruti Patel, hailing from Ahmedabad has opted for a change. 

All of 24 years, she was enjoying her professional life in Mumbai. But the hunger to do something good to the society, especially, the rural masses goaded her to start ‘period poverty’ in order to help rural women get access to sanitation. 

She even started an online crowdfunding to help create eco-friendly sanitary napkins for rural women. 

Another scheme called the ‘Ecoflow’ was also started by her in order to make rural girls and women aware of the importance of menstrual hygiene. 
“With the funds raised through crowdfunding, I hope to support the countrywide movement to end Period Poverty and encourage people to shift towards more environment-friendly alternatives,” said Vruti, as reported by Times of India. 

“Through this drive, we aim to create awareness of and accessibility to clean, simple and economical sanitary products. The eco-friendly sanitary napkins which we provide, are supposed to be disposed in a pit, and will turn into compost within 90-180 days, depending on varying environmental factors,” ToI further quoted Vruti. 

What menstrual hygiene is: 

It is defined thus: 

“Women and adolescent girls are using clean menstrual management materials to absorb or collect blood that can be changed in privacy as often as necessary for the duration of the menstruation period, using soap and water for washing the body as required, and having access to facilities to dispose of used menstrual management materials.”