Pune: Vice President Venkaiah Nadu on Sunday (December 8) expressed concern over the growing crimes against women in the country said that the change of mindset is the need of the hour to curb the menace.

 "In Indian tradition, we treat women as our mothers and as sisters but what has happened in recent days in certain parts of the country is really shameful and is a challenge for all of us. The change in the mindset is the need of the hour. Such incidents are bringing a bad name to India. We must never denigrate our country," he said while addressing a function in Pune.

 "We should collectively create psychology and a mindset in the society which condemns and denounced such bad practices. Promoting better practices is the need of the hour and which is why I feel that in every educational institute, with education, we should also educate children about our culture. This should be the responsibility of the teachers".

 "We must all take an owe to see that this sort of discrimination, this sort of atrocity are stopped. We should not look at it from the angle of religion and also from the angle of the region. We should not look it from the political prism. The moment you look it from the political prism, the cause is lost."

 "Bringing new laws are not the solution, however, I am not against bringing any new law or the new Bill. We brought the Bill on Nirbhaya, what happened? Is the problem solved? So, I always feel that what is required is not a Bill, rather a political and administrative skill to kill the social evils of society," he added.