The covid-19 pandemic had left individuals feeling perpetually uncertain, the fear of either a loved one falling ill or the catching the virus yourself was constant, not to mention the change in rules and regulations by the government, leaving people flummoxed. In these trying times, EMCER, a leading tile company, decided to look after a resource they value the most; their employees. 

To lift the spirits of their employees and to make the feel valued and appreciated, EMCER formulated a unique way to make the employees feel special. Achievements of each of them over the last one year were celebrated. And the highlight of this celebration were none other than the employees themselves. Belonging to various departments such as Sales, HR, Production, Research, Design, Marketing amongst others. These employees were awarded for brilliant work in their respective departments. In times like these, it is extremely easy for people to feel lost and demotivated. It is essential that brands and businesses acknowledge this and work on making their employees feel positive. 

“The pandemic was hard hitting enough for us as a business to realise that our employees are of great value to us. And we understand that these times have been hard on each one emotionally. At EMCER we have tried to take humble efforts in the direction of employee wellbeing by doing our bit and appreciation always plays a positive role in the mental and thus, the holistic well being of an individual,” said Gautam Patel, Managing Director, EMCER. 

15 individuals Awards, 8 team Awards and 4 Zonal Awards and the most important of all – Employee of the Year Award were bestowed upon. All were awarded with Trophies, smart gadgets and utility based devices like smart watches, iphones, ipads, airpods and more. Employees that performed significantly well were upgraded to ‘Star Employee’. This was a small way for the organization to provide gratification to their employees. The ‘Star Employees’ received special I-Cards curated exclusively for the upgraded set and also uniquely designed email signatures showcasing the star.