Bengaluru: The death of a gravid elephant in Kerala, God’s own country, puts the lens back in focus on the issue of human-animal conflict. 

As news reports suggested, the elephant was fed with a pineapple laced with explosives. The helpless pachyderm consumed it and went in search of water for a long time and finally decided to end its life, by standing in water. 

There is a nationwide outrage over the issue. BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, also an animal rights activist has hit out at the beasts for the cruel act against the innocent pachyderm. 

She said, "It's a complete failure of Kerala government because the state government has given them permission to make such small bombs 3 months back to kill wild pigs. It's evident that there's is a factory in Mallapuram where people are stuffing crackers in fruits, they are putting these bombs at different corners in farms in Mallapuram and let me tell you elephants go in farms, not wild pigs."
She also had a jibe at the Kerala government. 

She said, "Only inefficient people are sitting in the government of Kerala, daily such barbaric acts are being reported from Mallapuram and nobody gets arrested. Thousands of animals have died in Mallapuram but the government doesn't do anything." 

The MP did not miss out taking a further jibe at Rahul Gandhi. 

She said, "What can you say on this? I think he doesn't understand the importance of raising such issues. He is doing what the state government is doing because even Chief Minister of Kerala is silent on this. He thinks it's a small issue and people will forget about it after 2-3 days. He is completely disinterested in this case.” 

The MP also had a word of caution on the dwindling elephant population. 
"Only 20,000 elephants are left and if we don't act, we will be helpless after 5 years. First of all central government needs to act by making rescue centres, by snatching private ownership of elephants. 11,000 elephants have died in the last five years and the Supreme Court is not ready to listen to our plea," she said.
She also had a word on Mallapuram. 

"Mallapuram is the most violent district in the country, we need to identify the bomb factory in Mallapuram because bomb manufacturing in Kerala is being done by professionals. We need to look for these professionals in Mallapuram because a day will come, locals there in Mallapuram will also die of similar bombs."

These reactions have been taken from Republic TV.