We all love restaurants that are authentic and unique with their food. Imagine if you walk into an Italian restaurant and find out they serve pasta with an Indian twist? Isn't it disappointing? Well, when it comes to Lebanese food, people in Mumbai need not have to worry. Hotel Arbab in Bandra takes people on tour to Beirut or Dubai with their scrumptious food dishes.

So many restaurants claim to serve Lebanese food, but their dishes taste almost the same. But at Arbab, the chefs cook with important and original ingredients. From their Shawarma to Tabouleh, everything is made from scratch in a traditional way how it's cooked in Lebanon. The restaurant founders, Faiz and Fahad Kadawalla, have made sure that people get the best experience with their food and warm and welcoming ambience and wonderful staff.

Arbab was launched in Mumbai in 2019, and since then, it has only grown popular among food lovers. With the massive positive response and customers visiting the restaurant, the founders will launch two new restaurants by the end of this year! Once the restaurants are open, people can enjoy the delicacies at three different places in the same city.

Fahad Kadawalla says, "We always had it in our minds about the two new outlets that we want to have more outlets. It was just about the right timing. Well, in just a few more months, our dreams will come true. This became possible only because of our customers who love our food and helped us grow in just 2 years."

Talking about the Bandra outlet, it also has a French-style menu now. They have an open seating arrangement with an indoor kitchen setting. Some of their best dishes one must relish are Fattouch, Hummus, Shamandar Chef Signature, Moutabbal, Batat Helweh, Arbab Special Batata Harra, Baba Ganouj, Falafel platter, robian and many other dishes. They have some amazing options on the sweet menu like Baklava, Knafeh, Umm Ali with Suleimani Chai, Moroccan Tea or Turkish Coffee.