Bengaluru: While the whole country debates and discusses the Palghar lynching case in which two sadhus and their driver were done to death by a disdainful mob in Maharashtra last month, here’s a development that appears very, very murky! 

A junior lawyer Digvijay Trivedi, who was on his way to the court on Wednesday to attend a hearing on the case, died on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway at around 10: 30 am. 

He was working as an assistant to advocate PN Ojha. 

While the junior lawyer died on the spot, a woman accompanying him sustained serious injuries. She has been hospitalised. 

Quite naturally, BJP smells a controversy in the entire episode. 

Its spokesperson Sambit Patra had this to say: 
"VHP's lawyer in the Palghar mob lynching case, Digvijay Trivedi, died in a road accident. This news is disturbing. Is it a mere coincidence that those who raised the Palghar case were either attacked by Congress workers or got FIRs registered against them? Well this is a matter of investigation!"

On his part, Ojha had this to say: "I cannot say anything regarding the accident, whether there was any foul play or not. He was a junior lawyer and wanted to learn. So, I had allowed him to join me in this case. We will have to wait for the inspection report from the RTO to know the exact cause of the accident. There was no one present at the spot when the accident happened so the RTO inspection report can give a clear idea on what actually happened."

It was on April 16 that the two sadhus and their driver were pulled out of a car and lynched on the suspicion that they were kidnappers. 

Even after the incident, Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray did not take action in the initial few days. It was only after the video went viral that he was shamed into taking action.