Bengaluru: During the Delhi riots, which consumed 34 lives and injured more than hundred, the Congress party is posing itself to be an epitome and exemplar of peace and prosperity. 

Its president Sonia Gandhi held a presser on Wednesday holding BJP responsible for the Delhi riots and today,  she and her party men met President Ram Nath Kovind to lodge their protest against the riots and prevail upon His Excellency to remove Amit Shah as the Union home minister. 

Other Congress leaders like Manmohan Singh were also present. 

Of course, there has been an incessant endeavour to brush the riots with saffron colour, trying to pass the buck to the pro-CAA rally participants and try to defame India on a global platform. The Union government has categorically stated that the riots were timed to suit US President Donald Trump’s visit to India. 

While the Congress, its cohort and coterie relentlessly target their ideological opponents (or adversaries?) for the riots, one development that merits a mention here is the statement that BJP senior leader Prakash Javadekar made. 

He said, “Attempts to instigate violence were made for two months, Sonia Gandhi gave call for 'fight to the finish' at rally in December. 

The ferocity with which the Congress and its allies have wilfully participated in spreading lies against the CAA in order to provoke and instigate a section of society only points out to how grim the situation is. 

Truth be told, the efforts and endeavours not to endorse whatever Modi does have their genesis in the visceral hate for the PM. 

It was the same Sonia Gandhi who christened Modi ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ in one of her election rallies long ago. 

Modi has also been equated to Ravan, Bhasmasur, Hitler and other figures of Fascism. 

Maybe, we could also add those pliable journalists who are available 24/7 to carry out the tasks of their paymasters. 

At the time of writing this article, a website quoted a petition has been filed in the Delhi high court seeking registration of FIR against Sonia Gandhi Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, as well as AAP leaders

Manish Sisodia and Amanatullah Khan, AIMIM leaders Akbaruddin Owaisi, Waris Pathan and lawyer Mehmood Paracha for giving hate speeches.

The move to file a petition comes as a welcome move because the opposition focuses its lenses wilfully on the BJP and dithers to be disdainful against anyone who hampers peace and tranquillity in the society.