Bengaluru: Last week, Yediyurappa managed to topple the coalition led by former CM HD Kumaraswamy. Apart from the political reasons that led to the downfall, we would like to tell you an interesting tale about how the curse of a deity named Kumaraswamy helped in felling the HD Kumaraswamy’s government.

There is a temple dedicated to Kumaraswamy near Sandur, Ballari district of Karnataka. It rests in a place which is rich in natural resources. So it is needless to say that mining is rampant here.

It is so rampant that the people living here are fed up of the malaise and have complained to everyone, including chief ministers, but nothing fruitful has emerged from it.

Last year, HD Kumaraswamy happened to visit this temple in the month of February, just a few months before the state elections last year. As he visited the temple, he told the media that if his party were to come to power, he would cancel the licences given to mining companies here. As he made this statement, everyone was so happy that good days would return to Sandur.

Incidentally, in May 2018, lady luck was on HD Kumaraswamy’s side and he became the CM. And as he ascended to power, everyone hoped that he would walk the talk of cancelling licences. But to their consternation, he didn’t. Constant reminders were apparently sent to him, but he allegedly refused to act.

Talks are that the deity Kumaraswamy was incensed at this attitude of HD Kumaraswamy and cursed him that he lose his power as the chief minister.

And the result is there for everyone to see!

The Kumaraswamy temple is a 1200-year-old temple falling under the rule of the Chalukya Rashtrakuta kings. As per the Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remnants Act 1958, it is a protected monument.