Bengaluru: There is a Pakistani rapper who goes by the name Talhah Yunus. In one of his recent raps, he took the name of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and portrayed him in a positive light. 

A Pakistani rapper singing praises of Dawood Ibrahim should certainly come as no surprise. 


But there is more than meets the eye! As pointed out by an Indian rapper Shashank Dixit, this song sung by the Pakistani rapper has been made in collaboration with an Indian rapper @realkrsna (Krsna). This Krsna is a part of a music brand called as Kalamkaar.

So it being alleged that Krsna, in whose collaboration this has been done, is in cahoots with the Pakistani rapper, in eulogizing Dawood. 


Here is another twist to the story! As further pointed out by the Shashank, Kalamkaar is owned by another Indian rapper Raftaar, aka Dilin Nair. 

Now, why is the name of Raftaar being referred here? Well, that is because he is openly known to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Now a rapper like him has collaborated for a song where Dawood Ibrahim is glorified!  


Naturally, many people have become vexed, annoyed and even indignant at this glorification of Dawood. They have sought the Union home ministry headed by Amit Shah to look into the issue. 



Well, what irks any Indian is how a terrorist who is wanted by India in many cases is given prominence to and even glorified. 

Dawood is believed to have played a great role in orchestrating the March 1993 bombings in Bombay. Around 15 years ago, India and United States labelled him a "Global Terrorist." 

It is also reported that Dawood Ibrahim wanted to surrender in India on the condition that he would not be forced to undergo third degree treatment in the Bombay blasts case.