Bengaluru: Minorities living in Pakistan would surely be cursing themselves for having been born there.
In an incident that makes your blood boil and eyes moist, a 14-year-old Christian girl Maria Shahbaz was sent back to her abductor, a wealthy businessman, Muhammad Naqash, by the Lahore high court. 

The minor girl had been abducted last April at gunpoint and forcibly married.  

After learning of the issue, her family knocked on the doors of the Pakistan judicial system for justice, but little did the members know that the ignominy would only run deeper with the court refusing to countenance their complaint. 

Reports further add that the Lahore high court asked the minor to be a “good wife” and sent her back to the abductor. Till then, she had been at a women’s shelter home. 

But it should also be noted that a Sessions Court in Faisalabad had directed that the victim be rehabilitated. 

It is to be further noted that the Lahore high court refused to accept documents related to the minor’s date of birth which corroborated her minor status at the time of marriage.  

The court was of the view that she had converted to Islam, upheld the marriage and ordered that she be sent back to her abductor. 

Reports add that the girl could not control her tears as the judges pronounced the verdict in favour of the abductor. 


Pakistan has been a cruel country for its minorities. Be it Hindus or Christians, the country treats them as second-class citizens. Young girls are abducted, forced to convert to Islam and then married. 

In some other cases, these minorities are disenfranchised and are made to go through hell. 
The lands that minorities own are also usurped. Even if they are returned, the owners are forced to work in their own lands. 

For these minorities, harassment and torture in the name of religion is an everyday affair.