Bengaluru: In March 2019, the Indian Air Force hit the Balakot training facility of the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM). This had caused immense damage to the facility and had also put JeM on the back foot.

However, now reports are emerging that 27 hardened terrorists are being trained at the facility. The Intelligence has picked up information that these persons are being trained to hit India. After the facility was hit last year, it remained shut for several months. However, signs of a revival were first noticed in October 2019. The JeM, with the help of Pakistan Army and the ISI, gradually began reviving the facility and even started moving terrorists into it.

Now, the Intelligence has picked up information that there are around 27 terrorists, who are training at the Balakot facility. The JeM has roped in top trainers from Afghanistan and Punjab Pakistan. These persons are training to be fidayeens, the Intelligence also said.

The Intelligence said that these operatives were moved into the facility in November last. They have been training since then and they would then be launched into the Valley. The intention is to carry out a big strike in the Valley, which is under heavy security following the abrogation of Article 370.

The report also said that they would complete their training within a week, following which the plan to infiltrate would be made. 

At the time when the facility was hit in March last year, there were at least 300 terrorists training. However, today the number has decreased drastically. This could be intentional as well, said an Intelligence Bureau official. They are bringing in terrorists in batches and training them for big attacks. Further, the facility is also heavily guarded both by the JeM as well as the Pakistan Army. 

In the wake of this information, there is a high alert along the border. The IB has repeatedly warned that Pakistan would extensively use the JeM in the Valley. The Indian Army recently said that the top JeM leadership in the Valley had been wiped out completely. This would also mean that the JeM would be desperate to revive itself. It has been training these 27 men with this specific intention.