Bengaluru: Travelling to your office or to the station or airport can be a burdensome process, all thanks to the massive traffic jams and other inconveniences. 

But here is a solution that literally help you reach your destination in just 10 minutes! 

It is the air taxis! 

According to 'The ePlane Company', an IIT-Madras incubated startup has designed an electric flying taxi for urban commute that can carry people to their destination 10 times faster, and at the same time is safer, economical, noise free and eco-friendly, as per a Times of India report. 

Designed to take off and land vertically, these taxis will be operated by taxis. They will travel at 200kms per hour and will make 10 to 20 trips covering 200kms. 

"The cost may be 1.5 to two times of a normal taxi. But the advantage is that it will bypass traffic and reach the destination much faster. Our taxi will take only 10 minutes to cover 10km. It will cut down travel time by 10 times," Prof Chakravarthy, who co-founded the startup an IITM graduate Pranjal Mehta, was quoted as saying. 

"But as we increase the number of taxis, we expect the cost to be similar to any app-based taxi," he said.

However, there is a technical glitch that has to be taken care of. 

"But here's the technical challenge. If you must go slow, the plane's wings will have to be very wide. What makes the wing carry the weight is essentially the air going around it. So, if the plane is travelling at a slow pace, you need to have a very large wing," the professor added.

"We have done some research and have a patent to put the rotors in such a way that we can actually go slow and still have very compact wings," he noted. 

So if everything goes right, we can have a prototype by early 2022.