Bengaluru: The riots in Delhi – with mindless violence – as the defining factor have killed people in excess of 20 and injured more than 100. 

Angry mobs have run amok, vandalising infrastructure and butchering people with disdain. 

An eerie calm prevails in the national capital. 

There is no doubt that the people are living in a miasma of hate and fear and yearn to extricate themselves at the earliest. 

While thugs from both communities had a free run, here is a silver lining. 

Muslims in the area of Ashok Nagar were a dejected lot as their homes were burnt down. 

Reports state that around 1000 mobsters entered their area and created ruckus. As they ran helter-skelter, searching for some succour and shelter, it is the Hindu residents of the area who showed their large-heartedness and a spirit of altruism as they welcomed their Muslim brethren and saved them from further danger. 

Times of India quoted a Muslim dweller in the area as saying, "When we thought we would be reduced to living on the streets, we were helped by our Hindu friends in the neighbourhood. They have been with us throughout, and have put us up in their homes. We have been living here for the past 25 years and never in these years have we had a single discord with any of our Hindu neighbours. We all co-exist here like a family.” 

A Hindu resident added, "We will stand by them no matter what. We are also Hindus but can never even think of harming people or their property. Some of the shops that have been set on fire were owned by these families only. Now their homes and livelihoods both are destroyed. We will not let them be alone in their misery."

Muslims and Hindus living in harmony is a great testimony to the inclusiveness of India. 

While politics is being played out, such examples should teach the haters a big lesson.