Bengaluru: The violence in Delhi has killed 22 while it has also injured 120 as per latest reports. 

The ones who were killed also included Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer Ankit Sharma who was found dead in Northeast Delhi’s Chand Bagh on Wednesday morning (February 26). 
Sources say he was killed while trying to rescue people who were trapped by a mob. 


There are several reports that are emerging over his death. 

As per India Today, the officer was under training in the Intelligence Bureau which he had joined in 2017. 

According to another report, he was killed by a stone-pelting mob in Chand Bagh which saw intense violence. The report says, "his body was dumped in a drain, claimed his uncle". The officer was 26.

And, in a grim reminder to the gruesome attacks on Sikhs in the year 1984, the Delhi high court observed that the current Delhi riots should not be on similar lines. 

The court observed, "A situation like 1984 must not be repeated again. It was time to provide Z-level security to citizens, as it was for everyone." 

It has also ordered that special helplines and help desks be set up. Justice Muralidhar said that the government should set up shelters, with basic amenities, for those who have been displaced by the riots.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister put out a tweet urging the people to have peace and harmony. 

Much earlier to this, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi hit out at the BJP for not handling the riots effectively. She also sought the resignation of Union home minister Amit Shah. 

But the BJP held that Sonia Gandhi should not paly politics over the issue. 

It added that the riots were timed to Trump’s visit. Trump also refused to give his reactions on the issue when he held a presser on the issue on Tuesday (February 26).