Bengaluru: A day after Congress president Sonia Gandhi and its senior leaders met President Ram Nath Kovind and urged him to remove Union home minister Amit Shah and further urged BJP to follow ‘rajdharma’, today (February 28) the BJP held a presser to give it back to the Congress bit by bit. 

Ravi Shankar Prasad, a BJP senior leader said, "Please don't preach us rajdharma. Your record is full of violations, twists and turns for plain and simple vote bank politics. Look at yourself in the mirror of rajdharma."

The leader also questioned the grand old party on NPR. 

He said, "A second question on rajdharma, your notification on NPR spoke about a register of the country's citizens. If you do it, it's alright, but if we do it, we are instigating people?"

The leader also took a dig at Priyanka Gandhi for her remarks. 

He said, "Priyanka said that if we keep quiet today then Babasaheb's Constitution will be destroyed". 

On the issue of how the Congress had pleaded for a citizenship law for countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, he said, "Vis-a-vis the persecuted minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, your party had a stand in the past. They believed in granting citizenship and Ashok Gehlot would even write to LK Advani and Shivraj Patil in the past about the same. What is the rajdharma that everyone did a volte face now? You raised the issue and we fulfilled the duty."

The leader also questioned Sonia Gandhi on her Ramlila Maidan speech. 

He said, "'Iss paar, uss paar faisla lena hai', you said in Ramlila Maidan. What kind of language is this? Isn't this incitement? This is against constitutional procedure that was followed for the passage of CAA."

Meanwhile Sonia Gandhi has formed a 5-member team to visit the riot-hit areas of Delhi Northeast.