Bengaluru: Often, we train our guns at the police. But it is important that we also note the humane side of the police too. 

It is heartening to note that the Delhi police have donated plasma to COVID-19 patients, thus displaying their care and concern. 

In this way, they have saved 350 lives. 

Head Constable Krishan Kumar, 42, currently deployed at Kapashera border police station in South West district is leading the campaign, notes The New Indian Express. 

The website adds him as saying, “I was on ventilator for nearly a month battling for life. Nobody thought I would survive but I did, by God’s grace. After I recovered, I realised how tough it is for people running from pillar to post to save their loved ones. That’s what made me donate plasma to people in need.” 

He further added, “I approached my seniors and colleagues to contact me if anyone need plasma”. 

What makes anyone happy is how the Delhi police have willingly donated plasma to many, including strangers. 

“A large number of Delhi Police officers and subordinate Covid warriors, after defeating the deadly disease, have gone beyond the call of duty in saving the lives of Covid-19 victims. They donated plasma to their colleagues, families, friends and even to the unknown people in Delhi and adjoining states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,” said Delhi Police PRO Eish Singhal, as quoted by the website. 

What plasma therapy is:

In simple terms, Convalescent Plasma Therapy can be thought of as a technique in which the components of blood of a person who has just recovered from COVID-19 are given to those who are sick or those at high risk of contracting the same virus. It is done thru blood transfusion.

Well, the immune system of those who have just recovered from COVID-19 produces antibodies that fight the virus. These antibodies are found in the plasma or liquid part of the blood and are produced by immune cells.