Bengaluru: The pandemic has made life come to a standstill. Economies have plummeted, people have lost jobs and lives. However, for many, this pandemic is an opportunity to help others and ensure the less fortunate too have access to many facilities. 

A Math graduate from Uttar Pradesh – Satyendra Pal – has been teaching kids in Delhi. 

His students are slum children from Delhi. A tweet put up by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Officer shared Pal altruistic work. 


Under a flyover, Pal had placed 2 white boards while teaching kids. 

It is to be noted that Pal has been taking such classes since 2015. However, he put a moratorium on it due to the dangerous situation. 

"I stopped the classes in March because it was too dangerous, but parents requested me to teach again. I want to earn money, but if I focus on myself I will earn alone. If I help these kids, they will all earn with me," he was quoted by Reuters. 

Delhi has seen many such noble souls take upon the responsibility of teaching kids. 

A policeman Than Singh takes classes for children of the lesser god. 

"I have been running this school for a long time but during the start of the pandemic I closed it for children's safety. But, when I saw many students were not able to take online classes, I decided to restart my school because they don't have things like phone and computers," he was quoted by ANI last year.

But it is also to be noted that the constable has not compromised on health protocols. All necessary health hygiene are being followed to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread. 

"I am also providing them sanitisers, masks and we practice social distancing in our class,” he further adds. 

Such endeavours truly reiterate that there are selfless souls who go the extra mile to lend a helping hand to the children of lesser God. 

"I'd been running this class since before pandemic. These children can't take online classes & I want them to study so they don't get mired in bad company & criminality," he had added.