Bengaluru: Arvind Kejriwal is all set to become the CM of Delhi for the third consecutive time as his party won seats in excess of 60 out of 70 seats. 

While he and his party continue to gloat over the success, the grand old party of India continues to curse its fate. 

Ignominy would certainly be an understatement when we use it to describe its performance. The Congress slipped to its second successive duck. 

Indeed, the script has not changed. In the 2015 assembly elections, the Congress had to remain satisfied at zero seats, while the current assembly elections are no different. 

When reports last came in, the Congress has lost deposits in as many as 67 constituencies. 

In order to lose a deposit, the candidate should fail procuring 1/6th of the total votes. 

And as reports add, the party managed to save its deposit in three seats namely - Gandhi Nagar, Badli and Kasturba Nagar.

Adding insult to injury was the way the Congress got its historically lowest vote share of just 4.29 percent. 

And in the face of such an indigestible defeat, the Congress has promised to put up a brave face. 

It added that it would play the role of a constructive opposition when it has failed to win a single vote! 

In fact, Congress senior leader and Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath conceded defeat and questioned the performance of the BJP. 

"We were already aware of it. The question is - what happened to BJP which was making big claims?" "The country has recognised the real face of BJP. They are playing politics of diversion," the Congress leader added.

Last year, owing to the defeat in Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi had put in his papers. Later, his mother took up the mantle. But even then, there seems to be no change in the script.