Bengaluru:  An assistant sub-inspector of police in Delhi is showing how one can exhibit humanitarian values even while at work. 

56-year-old Rakesh is posted at the Lodhi crematorium in the national capital. He reports to work quite early in the morning. And then, he starts assisting the priests in the crematorium. 

Though the crematorium can handle not more than 47, there is an influx of 60 bodies. 

As he assists, he has taken a decision to defer the marriage of his daughter. 

"How can I think about celebrating right now?" he says as quoted by India Today. 

The officer hails from Uttar Pradesh and has three kids. He has taken this decision to ensure the family does not get affected. 

“Though I wear a PPE kit and double-mask every time, I don’t want to put my family members at risk. And there are many families here who need our help. This is my duty now. How can I leave and celebrate my daughter’s wedding?” as reported by Indian Express. 

What stands out about such people is their grit and determination in helping out people during a crisis and also their selflessness, putting their own lives at risk. 

India Today adds that the policeman has also helped a teenager cremate his father and helped another man cremate his elderly neighbour as his relatives could not make it from abroad. 

It should also be noted that the crematorium is overflowing with bodies and standing there only exposes him unimaginably. Yet he perseveres and faces such threats, only to ensure that the dead are not robbed of their dignity at the time of death.