New Delhi: Delhi pollution has resulted in a backlash against the Arvind Kejriwal government and people are demanding the resignation of Delhi chief minister Kejriwal.

The #KejriwalMustResign is trending on Twitter, with people giving reasons why he must resign.

Twitterati has called Kejriwal and his government hypocrite as he is against stubble burning in Delhi but AAP members in Punjab and Haryana are supporting stubble burning.

"Arvind Kejriwal and his party members are hypocrites. On one hand, they are blaming stubble burning in Delhi, and on the other hand, their MLAs in Punjab are instigating, encouraging and themselves burning stubble,” wrote Twitter user Vivek Bansal.

“If Kejriwal does not address 90% of causes of pollution, then Odd-Even ends up being a mere gimmick,” wrote another user.

“Delhi became the first city in India where police are demanding security, lawyers are demanding justice and public demanding clean air to breathe,” a Twitter user lashed out at the Delhi government.

Criticising odd even scheme, Twitterati wrote, "Rather than implementing odd even every now and then to reduce private vehicle on road, reduction must be natural and permanent by means of increasing and facilitating public transport. Odd-even reflects as failure of AAP govt in doing so."