Bengaluru: As Delhi struggles to live in highly polluted air and citizens literally gasp for some fresh air, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has come out with a solution to cure the ill. 

As reported by India Times, the Delhi government is sprinkling fermented low-cost liquid solutions prepared in coordination with IARI Pusa scientists in the city’s farmlands for free. This solution converts the stubble into manure at a minimal cost, experts say. 

“We will sit with our respective experts and environment ministers and brainstorms with other states to bring a lasting solution to the problem. Sharp deadlines and timelines should be made. Engineers and experts have given their solutions, now there is a need for political will power,” he was quoted as saying by the website. 


While the solution has been suggested, however, it should also be noted that the fight over the issue has not stopped. 

Stubble burning contributes not less than 44% to the problem. Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and parts of Western Uttar Pradesh also play a pivotal role in the increasing problem. But reports state that Punjab vehemently refutes these allegations. 


Kejriwal has further urged Union Environment minister Prakash Javdekar to call for a meeting of all leaders of the north Indian states to work in unison to tame the demon. 

“I feel if all states and the central government come together on a war footing, leaving behind politics, we can control pollution in much lesser time than four years,” he had said. 

Delhi is desperately fighting to keep its air clean and breathable. If everyone forgets their differences and comes together, there will be some concrete action that can sure stem the rot.