Who is Arjun? Arjun is You. Arjun is Me. Arjun is everybody around us. We all are confused in our lives. We all think what do we gain from all the struggles we encounter in our lives? Even Arjun felt the same way. What we as normal hardworking individuals need to understand is: what is the purpose and relevance of this “war” that is referred to in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta. We shouldn’t take war in its literal sense. Here, war is the work we do: our projects, our deliverables, etc. It is Karma Yuddh. Just like we all do SWOT analysis at work before venturing forth, Arjun too calculated his Strengths and Weaknesses before he went to war.

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Hinduism is often criticised for idol worship. What people fail to realise is that it is extremely far from our reality. The idols are mere representations of the God. Like Krishna was just an embodiment of God. If God shows his real self to us, we may not be able to survive that. The only reason God took the form of Krishna was for us and Arjun to relate with God. What if the entire universe becomes alive? That is Krishna: the living universe. He is the power behind this universe. There is no start or end to it. 

Our soul controls our senses, body and mind. The soul never perishes; it just gets transferred from one body to another. The body is just temporary, but the soul is immortal. The death is just a process of changing the body which hosts the soul.

To succeed in life, you need a guide like Krishna and a fighter like Arjun. You have to be competent in your work and field to be successful like Arjun but alongside that, you need a guide like Krishna. We often take shortcuts in our life. We need to work hard and search for our guide in life. Let us not fall in the trap of fake “sadhus”. We cannot reach Krishna. It is not easy and it requires undivided dedication to reach there.

This video marks the culmination of our series on Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta. Here, I DeepDive into the important teachings of the Bhagvad Geeta and what should be our take aways from it. Let us all spread love and light through our actions and let the Bhagvad Geeta guide our way always. 

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