Bengaluru: It is believed that people in corporates are taught not to express their ideologies and thoughts in public as that could become the reason for their careers to fall apart. It is indeed true to an extent. If people display their love for their motherland, it just takes a second to be labelled as a right-winger. Right-wing and nationalism aren’t the same thing because it is our culture that we welcome all and treat them as our own. It is not just humans, it is applicable for all living beings. We respect humans and other living beings alike. This term right-wing has been coined by the western world who have failed to understand the ethos of our culture. Respect India, respect the Indian Army and there is nothing wrong with that. 

As considered by many, mainstream isn’t always mainstream and often gets restricted by Facebook and other portals. I host a daily show called Deep Dive with Abhinav Khare. My regular videos reach approximately 3 lac people and have at least 30k to 40k views. Recently, I did a video on the abolition of Article 370 and UAPA, these videos faced a shadow ban from Facebook and only garnered a few hundred views. It is said that the algorithm decided the views but whenever someone posts about their pride as an Indian, they face a shadow ban from these social media outlets. Many such profiles faced a shadow ban during elections, including the My Nation page, without any explanation.

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News outlets like BBC and Washington Post try to make us feel ashamed of being Indians to weaken us. They have done this for 200 years and they are doing it again now. They have looted 45 trillion dollars from us and then they call us the White Man’s Burden. Let us not allow them to rule our narratives again. 

If we ever try to say that we believe and support the Sangh, we are labelled as uneducated villagers. As a young person who is trying to set foot in this world, such tags matter. But we see the results only during elections. All outlets predicted the victory of Congress before the elections, but the results always show a clean sweep of what people believe in. A lot of people are living in a threat: a threat of them being harmed, their families being harmed.

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Why? Just for expressing they love their nation, their motherland. 

This fight cannot just be fought in 5-6 years. This fight has to continue for decades as we need to change the narrative. The history is biased. History is not just about the Mughal Kingdom but history also has to include the Cholas, Pallava and Sena dynasty. That change has started and it will definitely happen. We have been accommodating towards all living beings, then how can we be fascists. We have and shall always be liberals who love and respect all.

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