The level of our elections is falling rapidly. Like in the past, there still is the prevalence of the policy of divide and rule, while instigating innocent people to communal riots. Two Aam Aadmi Party leaders Md Iqbal and Amanullah Khan have yet again created communal tension in a bid to win the election. The recent protests unmask the ugly side of our politicians who resort to communalism to win elections.

Aam Aadmi Party leaders Amanullah Khan has been seen leading extremely viral protests which involved the destruction of public property. People are already scared and terrified; on top of that, we see people like these feeding on their insecurities to instigate violence. He is even encouraging the mobs to engage in more violence. It is being said that the present elections are an absolute cakewalk for the Aam Aadmi Party. But, do we want a party using communal tension as a weapon representing us?

Md Iqbaal, another AAP leader, has claimed to bring Shariyat in Hindusthan in one of his speeches at Shaheen Bagh. People should fear such leaders who if voted to power will lead to absolute death of secularism. They won’t allow anybody the freedom to practice religion. They want to make India another Pakistan or Afghanistan. The problem that arises here is why isn’t our society evolving? Why are we still stuck in the closets of age-old political discourses? These people gain publicity by insulting other religions, by destroying religious symbols like the Swastik. We should not let them be our elected representatives. Our representatives should be ones who lead us to the path of development and progress. So, we should choose our leaders wisely.