Bipin Chandra Pal was called the 'Father of Revolutionary Thoughts'. He was the person who reignited the fire of nationalism in the hearts of millions of Indians to free themselves from the evil clutches of the British.

He was born in a well-to-do family of erstwhile East Bengal. He was an eminent scholar who would often write to unite the country towards Swarajya and Swadeshi, though these terms are largely associated to Mahatma Gandhi. Deep Dive with Abhinav Khare revisits the life and times of the noted member of the Lal-Bal-pal triumvirate - Bipin Chandra Pal, who was one of the “radicals” of the Indian Freedom Movement. He soon realised that it was the power of the masses that need to be mobilised. So he started the nationalist magazine New India, which said, “Breathing of the deepest veneration for the spiritual, moral and intellectual achievements of Indian civilization and was distinctly universal in aspiration.”


On the advent of the Bengal Partition, he called for “boycott” of all British goods. In a speech at Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress in December, 1906, he said, “You will have observed the word ‘boycott’ attached to the word ‘movement’. It means that it shall move, move from point to point, move from city to city, move from division to division, move from province to province till we realise the highest destiny of our people as a nation in the comity of nations. I mean swaraj.”

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He was also closely associated to the Brahmo Samaj who were the pioneers of the Bengali Renaissance, who took to modernise Hinduism. Pal strongly advocated for social justice. He spoke widely for widow remarriage, worker conditions in Assam Plantations and also for improving education. He said that colonialism is making Indians suffer “not only in our intellectual life, but also our ethical, our artistic and our spiritual life as well.”

A star of Indian Freedom Movement, his contributions, efforts to make India self-dependent and his undaunted spirit will forever be etched in our hearts. Jai Hind!

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